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Do Want an NHL Job in Hockey Analytics?

posted Feb 9, 2016, 2:09 PM by Robert Vollman   [ updated Feb 9, 2016, 2:13 PM ]
Do you want to work in hockey analytics in an NHL front office, or perhaps in another league or with a mainstream media outlet?

If so, email me (vollman at hockey abstract dot com) the following information:
  • Your Name, Email, and Phone Number
  • Your Location, plus your ability to re-locate, if necessary
  • Your desired position. For example, NHL or media, part-time or full-time, Consulting or Permanent, Entry-Level or more Senior.
  • Your specialty, if applicable. For example, video work, programming, database, analysis, manual tracking.
  • Any relevant education and experience
Do NOT send me your resume, your exact address, your salary expectations, or any personal information that would violate your privacy. In fact, I will delete any emails that contain any private information. I will keep your information in the strictest of confidences, but there is always the risk of accidents, or someone hacking emails. 

What will I do with your information? When I hear about an opportunity, I’ll search all the profiles, contact those who are a match, and make the introduction from there, if they’re interested. The candidates and the potential employer will take it from there.

I will not be involved in the financial aspect in any way. This is a free service, and any compensation for your efforts will be a conversation that you conduct directly and exclusively with the potential employer.

To be clear, this will be a very passive and informal arrangement. I have regular conversations with over half the teams in the NHL and virtually every mainstream media organization, and I hear about opportunities all the time. in fact, I have helped quite a few people get jobs over the past two or three years.

Even for those just getting started, I have helped people find opportunities to gain exposure and promote their work on radio and TV, at conferences, in newspapers and magazines, and of course in my own books and articles. I have also helped provide data, feedback, assistance, and advice whenever and wherever I can.

Once it becomes known that I keep a list of really smart people ready to make contributions, the number of opportunities that I hear about will grow even larger, and I’ll be able to seek them out in a more active fashion.

As a closing thought, I know that I’m not a trained recruiter, nor someone with significant experience working in a front office. But I do know that it’s really hard to get your start in this world, and virtually impossible to make a living at it, whether you have the contacts or not. To my knowledge, there’s really no one out there helping put people in touch with possible opportunities. If you’re reading this, it’s because you share my passion for hockey analytics, and I’m happy to help you spread our shared passion.