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Complete List of Hockey Analytics Data Resources

posted Sep 15, 2016, 10:35 PM by Robert Vollman   [ updated Aug 2, 2018, 8:45 AM ]
Whether you’re looking for standard information or something fancier, about teams or individual players, overall or in a specific aspect of the game, about the NHL or another league, in table format or in charts, the following list of links is intended to be a complete account of all known sources of hockey analytics data. 

Only data resources are included below, not analysis, and only those whose data is kept active. The list only includes data that can be viewed online, not those that require a download. There are also limited listings for statistical data that strays a little bit more into fantasy hockey and/or gambling categories.

If you’re aware of a data resource that isn’t included in this list, please contact me (vollman at hockey abstract dot com). 

Team Stats

Starting in 2007-08 with Behind the Net and Hockey Analysis, there are a number of sites that have zone percentages and team shot-based metrics like Corsi, Fenwick, SAT, and many of them are broken down and/or adjusted for factors such as score and manpower situation. Several of these sites allow you to look at these numbers in both regular season and the playoffs, over multiple seasons, between specific date ranges, and even specific types of games, like those that were decided in overtime. 

Note that slight differences can exist in the numbers if a site is a game or two behind another, if they include empty-net situations, and if they’re examining all even-strength situations, or just strictly 5-on-5.
Individual Game Stats 

Looking for non-traditional data about a specific game, even while it’s in progress? Drawn from information in the NHL game files, most of the following sites graphically portray where all the shots (and possibly other events) came from, and some contain a graphical time-lapse portrayal of each team’s share of shot attempts and/or their chances of winning the game. A few of these sites even have shift charts for every player, and more specific information about player matchups, usage, and deployment.
Individual Player Stats 

The aforementioned websites for team statistics also have most of the same shot-based metrics for individual players, along with additional details like zone starts, quality of competition, on-ice shooting and save percentages, penalty drawing, ice time, and real-time scoring stats (RTSS). 

Just like with team stats, most sites have playoff data for all skaters and goalies, can be examined over multiple seasons and/or specific date ranges, can be broken down and/or adjusted for factors such as score and manpower situation, and isolated by such factors as position, rookie status, or nationality. In many cases the raw counts are supplemented by rate statistics (per game or per minute) and/or by percentage, and some stats are calculated relative to a player’s teammates.  
  • NHL, including shot type breakdowns
  • Corsica Hockey, including score, zone and venue adjustments
  • Sporting Charts
  • Hockey Reference, including what percentage of shots got through, and quality starts for goalies.
  • First Line Stats
  • OffsideReview
  • PuckIQ, including their Dangerous Fenwick quality of competition metric (2016-17 only)
  • Behind the Net (no longer active; data to 2015-16 only)
  • Xtra Hockey Stats, including Expected Goals (eGF – explained here(no longer active; data to 2016-17 only)
Individual Player Odds and Ends

There are a few sites that contain some additional sources of interesting individual player information that goes beyond what’s listed above. Some of this information isn’t hockey analytics in the strictest sense, but rather good sources of related data.
Tools and Visualizations

Ever since player usage charts rolled out in 2011, displaying these kinds of non-traditional statistical data in graphical form has exploded in popularity. Beyond those that are already covered in other sections, here is where they can be found.
The following charts don’t keep the data up to date, but are still very useful for historical and research purposes.

Salary Cap Data

The salary cap can be very complicated, and the following sites include more than just cap hits and term, but also a combination of pretty sophisticated views to study possible buyouts and qualifying offers, who is on professional tryout (PTO), needs to clear waivers, is eligibile for offer sheets, an entry-level slide, arbitration, or UFA status. 
Playoff Projections

The following websites use a variety of different statistical approaches to calculates the odds of each team making the playoffs, as well as their potential seeding, and the odds of winning the Stanley Cup.
The Draft

The NHL Entry Draft is unquestionably one of the more interesting applications for statistical hockey analysis. Expect this collection of useful data and tools to grow!

Other Leagues

Obviously, all of the above links apply to the NHL, but there are several sources of data for non-traditional stats in other professional hockey leagues. To keep it concise, only those with at least something more than plus/minus and faceoff percentages will be included here.