Women’s Hockey Data

posted Apr 15, 2017, 2:01 PM by Robert Vollman
The attached spreadsheet includes all the data from various women’s hockey leagues, including the Olympics, IIHF World Championships, CWHL, NWHL, Canadian Interuniversity Sports (CIS), NCAA division I and III, Sweden’s SDHL, the Russian’s women’s league, and the EWHL. Depending on the league, the data goes back to the 1998 Olympics. More leagues will follow in the future, as will more seasons.

Like the early days of men’s hockey, there’s a varying level of league sizes and team sizes, scoring levels, schedule length, rules, and competitive quality, even within leagues and/or from season to season. There are also data quality issues, and a limited number of types of data available for women’s hockey, especially beyond the traditional GP, G, A, and PTS. In some cases, data for certain seasons are completely unavailable, which is why some leagues and seasons are missing completely, as well as the rare individual team.

In the long run, future editions of this spreadsheet will hopefully address as many of the data-related issues as possible. In the mean time, some of the same techniques used to compare players in the old NHA and PCHA have been applied to modern women’s hockey, including league translations (WCe), the Goals Created statistic (GC), and Goals Created Above Expectations (GCAX).

Womens Hockey 2001-2017.zip
Robert Vollman,
Apr 15, 2017, 2:08 PM