NHL Stats 2009-10

posted Dec 15, 2011, 1:06 PM by Robert Vollman

The annual NHL super-stats sheet contains all basic and advanced hockey statistics, and continues the new tradition of showing a multi-year trend of key statistics on a separate summary tab. 

Like last year, this year’s edition includes all of a players basic biographical information and basic statistics, NHL’s RTSS data, scoring by manpower situation, plus-minus breakdown, ice-time information, detailed penalty information, advanced stastitical data from Gabriel Desjardins (quality of competition), Tom Awad (GVT) and Alan Ryder (Player Contributions), current and future cap hit and Vollman’s own GVS calculations, and Awad’s VUKOTA projections.

New this year are a large collection of statistics from Gabriel Desjardins and Behind the Net, including shots taken (types and distance), penalties drawn, PDO-related data (on-ice shooting and save percentage), zone starts and detailed faceoff information, and comprehensively broken down Corsi-based data – all of that broken down by major manpower situation (even-strength, power play and shorthanded).

Also new this year is Tom Awad’s brand new DeltaSOT, bring the total to 224 columns of data in all for each and every player!

Robert Vollman,
Dec 15, 2011, 1:06 PM