NHL 2016-17 Player Data

posted May 13, 2017, 6:25 PM by Robert Vollman
It’s the 11th annual NHL super-spreadsheet, including hundreds of stats from over a dozen sources for every player who competed in even a single game in the 2016-17 season.

As always, this spreadsheet contains a complete collection of statistics, both basic and advanced, from a wide variety of analysts and web sites including NHL.com, Hockey Reference, Emmanuel Perry’s Corsica Hockey, David Johnson and Hockey Analysis, Craig Tabita’s Puck Base, Sporting Charts, Nick Abe’s Xtra Hockey Stats, plus Dominik Luszczszyn’s Game Score, and Thomas Crawshaw’s injury data.

There is a lot of data to digest, so it has been organized into tabs based on manpower situation, and divided by section. In some cases, there was considerable disagreement among data sources, so all data sources are included, and you’re free to select the one that you feel is most accurate or suitable for your purposes.

In general, this spreadsheet includes only the raw data, with only a few of the most common rates and percentages. You can derive virtually any statistic you want from this base data. 

As always, I highly recommend supporting everyone who has innovated any of these metrics and/or who makes them available to us. Donate to their websites or charities, buy their books or products, support their Patreons, and send them a thank you over email or twitter. Without them, and those who came before them, none of this data would be available for any of us!

Now … download it and enjoy!

Note: There will be an update this summer to include Tom Awad’s GVT and Delta, along with my GVS, plus DTMAboutHeart’s GAR, plus contributions from Micah Blake McCurdy, so stay tuned for that mid-summer update.

NHL 2016-17.zip
Robert Vollman,
May 13, 2017, 6:27 PM