Rob Vollman releases Hockey Abstract 2017

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August 8, 2017

Calgary, Canada – Hockey analytics pioneer Rob Vollman has released Hockey Abstract 2017, the fourth book in the series of the same name.

Rob Vollman’s Hockey Abstract 2017 is a fun and informative guide for hockey fans both new and experienced with hockey analytics. The 2017 publication contains over 300 pages of fresh analysis, including new player usage charts, which is an analytics concept created by Vollman. This year’s edition also has analysis for all 31 NHL teams, including its newest team, the Vegas Golden Knights.

“I’m excited to release another edition of Hockey Abstract,” says Vollman. “I thoroughly enjoy preparing the book each year. It is a lot of work, but it is incredibly rewarding.”

Along with Vollman’s analysis, Hockey Abstract 2017 also has a foreword by Rob Kerr, illustrations by Joshua Smith, and contributions from Tom Awad, Matt Cane, Allan Mitchell, Sydney Stype, and Charles Mousseau. Vollman also awarded opportunities to two students at the Ottawa Hockey Analytics Conference earlier this year to have their hockey analytics-related papers published in the book. They are: Helmut Neher, a graduate student at the University of Waterloo, who wrote Pose Estimation of Players in Hockey Videos using Convolutional Neural Networks; and Jeremy Sylvain, an undergraduate student at St. Lawrence University, who wrote on The Probability and Severity of Man Games Lost Due to Injury in an NHL Season.

Hockey fans can use Hockey Abstract to understand and enjoy the statistical perspective on topics such as team-level analysis, what artificial intelligence and hockey analytics have in common, who is the NHL’s best goalie, passer, hitter, shot-blocker, faceoff specialist, penalty-drawer, and more topical questions, like why Washington loses in the playoffs, and who won the Weber-Subban trade.

Rob Vollman’s Hockey Abstract 2017 is now available on Amazon, and a digital edition is also available on A French language version, Le Précis du Hockey 2017, will come out at the end of August.

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About Rob Vollman & Hockey Abstract:
Rob Vollman is an author, speaker, consultant, and long-time pioneer in the field of hockey analytics. His innovative hockey statistics such as player usage charts, history-based projection systems, and coaching metrics, have helped win Stanley Cups and Gold medals, and have shaped the way that teams are built, and the game is covered.

Rob’s work can be found every week on and ESPN Insider, where he has been featured since the 2008-09 season. In all, Rob has written 800 columns for a variety of hockey websites, and has been featured in the Hockey News, The Globe and Mail, the Washington Post, Forbes, and Rolling Stone. He has authored three books in his own Bill James-inspired Hockey Abstract series, including the highly popular 2016 book, Stat Shot. | @robvollmanNHL