Hockey Abstract 2018 Update

Rob Vollman’s Hockey Abstract 2018 Update
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Note: This year’s edition is digital only.
Are you a new fan of hockey analytics, looking to get a taste of what it’s all about, while getting the low-down on all 31 teams?
Or, do you already have one or more of the books in the Hockey Abstract series, and want to keep enjoying them by getting the latest data?
Either way, the Hockey Abstract 2018 Update is for you!
Just like the updates in 2015 and 2016, the Hockey Abstract 2018 Update not only serves as an excellent companion to previous editions, and includes updates on previously introduced and sometimes hard-to-find statistical data. For those new to the series, it’s also a great stand-alone guide for team-by-team analysis.
This year’s edition is in full colour, and presents the information in a number of all-new charts and graphs courtesy of RJ Weise. It also includes 25 “stat of the day” popups by venerable long-time hockey statistician Stan Nieradka.
This year’s Hockey Abstract 2018 Update contains over 170 pages of fresh analysis, including new player usage charts and analysis for all 31 NHL teams, and updates to most of the statistics and studies that were introduced earlier in the Hockey Abstract series like:
  • Goaltending statistics, like quality starts, relief goaltending, saves above expectations (SAX), Goals saved above average (GSAA), and expected goals
  • Shot-based metrics, like SAT/Corsi, USAT/Fenwick, and expected goals, in all manpower situations
  • Player and team contract value, and aging curves
  • Coaching data
  • Real-time scoring statistics, like hitting, blocked shots, faceoffs, and drawing penalties
  • Setup passes
  • NHL Translation factors (NHLe)
  • The do-it-all index and the team accolade index
  • Disciplined aggression proxy
  • Presence and Individual Points Percentage (IPP)
  • Cap Hit of Injured Players (CHIP)
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