Hockey Abstract 2017

Rob Vollman’s Hockey Abstract 2017
ISBN-10: 1974229017
ISBN-13: 978-1974229017
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Hockey Abstract: Making advanced stats simple, practical, and fun for hockey fans.
With every passing season, statistical analysis is playing an ever-increasing role in how the game is played, and how it is covered. While we fans can continue to enjoy the sport without doing any math, knowledge of the underlying numbers can help stretch that enjoyment. 
Hockey Abstract 2017 is not a textbook, nor is it a book about statistics. It is a book about hockey, that uses statistics. Acting as an invaluable supplement to traditional analysis, Hockey Abstract 2017 can be used to test the validity of the conventional wisdom, and to gain insight into what teams are doing behind the scenes — or maybe what they should be doing!
Inspired by Bill James’ Baseball Abstract, Hockey Abstract 2017 is not an annual guide to read once and place on a shelf, but a timeless reference of the mainstream applications and limitations of hockey analytics.
The fourth book in the series, Hockey Abstract 2017 is a fun and informative guide that hockey fans can use to understand and enjoy the statistical perspective on topics such as team-level analysis, the impact of rookies, what makes a power play successful, who is the best clutch scorer, why rebuilds fail, what artificial intelligence and hockey analytics have in common, how injuries can be predicted, who is the NHL’s best goalie, passer, hitter, shot-blocker, faceoff specialist, penalty-drawer, and more topical questions like why Washington loses in the playoffs, and who won the Weber-Subban trade.
Hockey Abstract 2017 Update contains over 300 pages of fresh analysis, including new player usage charts and analysis for all 31 NHL teams.
Whether you use Hockey Abstract 2017 as a primer for today’s new statistics, as a reference for leading edge research and hard-to-find statistical data, or whether you read it for its passionate and engaging story-telling, Hockey Abstract 2017 belongs on every serious hockey fan’s bookshelf.
Book Reviews
Corrections and Clarifications
  • (pg 27) The Philadelphia Flyers are ranked 17, not 14.
  • (pg 49) John Stevens is the coach of the Kings, not Scott Gordon. He has coached 267 NHL games, has a PAX of -6.4, for -2.0 per 82 games. (pg 50) He has coached 480 games in other leagues, with a PAX of -9.5, giving him an end result of -1.4. (pg 86) Stevens would rank 42nd, if he were in this group.
  • (pg 50) Claude Julien is the coach of the Canadiens, not the Bruins, but the stats listed are correct.
  • (pg 102) Typo: Brian Elliott’s name is missing that last t
  • (pg 144) The labels on the horizontal and vertical axis have been reversed.
  • (pg 149) Typo: “goalies on losing teams won’t have very [many] game stars to share”
  • (pg 152) Typo: In the footnote, Hockey Prospects should be Hockey Prospectus
  • (pg 206) The missing citations are: “David Staples “Oilers owner Daryl Katz asks fans for patience during frustrating rebuild””, (pg 209) “John Short, Short: Edmonton Investors Group deserves credit.”
  • (pg 273) P.K. Subban played for the Nashville Predators in 2016-17.
  • (pg 295) It is Zac Urback, not Zack Urback
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