Hockey Abstract 2016 Update

Rob Vollman’s Hockey Abstract 2016 Update
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Are you a new fan of hockey analytics, looking to get a taste of what it’s all about, while getting the low-down on all 30 teams?
Or, do you already have one or more of the books in the Hockey Abstract series, and want to keep enjoying them by getting the latest data?
Either way, the Hockey Abstract 2016 Update is for you!
Just like last year’s update, the Hockey Abstract 2016 Update not only serves as an excellent companion to previous editions, and includes updates on previously introduced and sometimes hard-to-find statistical data, but it’s also a great stand-alone guide for team-by-team analysis.
This year’s Hockey Abstract 2016 Update contains over 200 pages of fresh analysis, including new player usage charts and analysis for all 30 NHL teams, all 8 World Cup teams, and also provides updates to most of the statistics and studies that were introduced in the two previous editions, including:
  • The Hall of Fame Inductinator
  • Goaltending statistics, like quality starts, home plate save percentage, expected goals, and Mercad
  • Shot-based metrics, like SAT/Corsi and USAT/Fenwick.
  • Player and team contract value
  • Coaching data
  • The infamous Luck-Neutral Standings
  • Real-time scoring statistics, like hitting, blocked shots, faceoffs, and drawing penalties
  • Setup passes
  • The do-it-all index
  • The most lopsided trades in history
We have also included a glossary, and index, and quick overview of all the new statistics that have been introduced throughout the hockey analytics community this past season, which is just a small part of the 150+ footnote references to the latest research and studies.
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