Hockey Abstract 2015 Update

Rob Vollman’s Hockey Abstract 2015 Update
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Note: This year’s edition is digital only.
I’ve got some good news and some bad news.
The good news is that we have signed a deal with ECW Press to get future editions of Hockey Abstract in book stores everywhere. The bad news is that the realities of the publishing game mean that it can take several months for that book to arrive on the shelves.
Rather than skip a season entirely, we have put together a digital update to the two previous editions of Hockey Abstract. Given your incredible support of our work these past few years, it was really important for us to same high-quality statistical analysis that you have come to enjoy this time of year.
Not only does the Hockey Abstract 2015 Update serve as an excellent companion to previous editions, and includes updates on previously introduced and sometimes hard-to-find statistical data, but it’s also a great stand-alone guide for team-by-team analysis.
The Hockey Abstract 2015 Update contains over 150 pages of fresh analysis, including new player usage charts and analysis for all 30 teams, while also provides updates to most of the statistics and studies that were introduced in the two previous editions, including:
  • The Hall of Fame Inductinator
  • Goaltending statistics, like quality starts and home plate save percentage
  • Coaching data
  • The infamous Luck-Neutral Standings
  • Setup passes
  • The do-it-all index
We have also included a quick overview of all the new statistics that have been introduced throughout the hockey analytics community this past season, which is just a small part of the 82 footnote references to the latest research and studies.
We deeply appreciate all your support over the years, which is what has made it possible for us to reach a larger audience with the exciting new book deal. Please enjoy our 2015 Update, and we’ll see you next year on the book shelves. It will be worth the wait!
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