Alberta Analytics Conference

What: Meet up with some of the most passionate hockey analytics minds in the great province of Alberta.

Next Meetup:

Calgary: Saturday, November 1, 10am-5pm, at the Global Business Centre, 136 8th Ave SE (access through Telus Convention Centre). There will be a 1 hour break for lunch at around noon.

This meetup will be more discussion-based, as opposed to presentation-based. Here is the Agenda.

If you can't attend in person, email me (vollman at hockeyabstract dot com) to participate remotely.
Otherwise, pre-registration is not necessary.
If you're in the Pittsburgh area, contact Andrew Thomas through his website to attend his free simulcast at SMU.

Next Meetup in Edmonton: To be determined. Have a location? Contact me!

Details of Last Meetup:

Thank you everyone for attending the September 13th, 2014 hockey analytics at the Calgary Saddledome. The event was a huge success, with 70+ fans showing up to listen to 10 speakers giving presentations on a wide variety of topics.

What follows are some photos of the event, where you can go to support the event, a list of all of our speakers and how they can be reached, and links to all the websites. Thanks for coming!

Here's how you can contact our brilliant speakers, in order of appearance:
  • Our excellent Master of Ceremonies Rob Kerr is a talk show host with Sportsnet 960 the Fan, and can be followed on Twitter at @Fan960RKerr
  • Chris Snow is the Director of Video and Statistical Analysis with the Calgary Flames
  • Andrew Thomas is with Carnegie Mellon University, and co-administrator of War On Ice, and spoke about the single number dream and the march to WAR. Follow him on Twitter at @acthomasca and contact him through his website.
  • David Benard is with HD2 Analytics, and demonstrating his video software, GameBreaker and Sportstec, while speaking about how to do more with less. He can be reached by emailing dave at hd2 dot ca
  • Bruce McCurdy writes for the Edmonton Journal's Cult of Hockey, and led an engaging discussion about the impacts of the loss of some of the community's more popular analysts and websites, and the potential impacts of the's new terms of service. Follow him on Twitter at @BruceMcCurdy
  • Ryan Pike is the managing editor of Flames Nation proposed a version of PitchTalks for Calgary. Follow him on Twitter at @RyanNPike or visit his personal website.
  • Allan Hamernick of Hamernick and Associates gave a talk on team dynamics and behavioral analytics. He can be reached at ahamernick at shaw dot ca.
  • Justin Azevedo spoke about how to track microstats to improve a player's game. He writes for Matchsticks and Gasoline, Flames Nation, and the Gauntlet, and the best way to contact him and/or stay up to speed is to visit Hockey & Booze.
  • "Ninja" Greg Sinclair achieved his fame through Super Shot Search, and spoke mostly about the numbers and formulas behind the scenes. Follow him on Twitter at @theninjagreg
  • Rob Vollman of Hockey Abstract was the host, and had an interactive session about Player Usage Charts. Follow him on Twitter at @robvollmanNHL or email him vollman at hockey abstract dot com.
  • Keynote speaker Mike Schuckers is of St. Lawrence University and Stats Sports Consulting, and gave a sneak peek at an upcoming paper on Adjusting for Rink Effects in the NHL. Follow him on Twitter at @SchuckersM and he can be contacted at schuckers at stlawu dot edu.

Several people are writing about the event on their websites, and we'll include the links here.
  • Kristen Odland of the Calgary Herald wrote about it earlier this week
  • TSN's Scott Cullen reviewed the event.
  • Grantland's Sean "Down Goes Brown" McIndoe also wrote something up.
  • Puck Donkey collected some of the Live Tweeting
  • Bruce McCurdy covered the event on Edmonton Journal's Cult of Hockey
  • May's conference in Edmonton was covered by Greg Sinclair at Pension Plan Puppets, and Sunil Agnihotri of the Superfan,
  • More to come.

Many thanks for all of our speakers, and all our attendees, and those whose kind support allow us to fund these events.

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