About Rob Vollman

Best known for Player Usage Charts and his record-breaking ESPN Insider contributions, founding Hockey Prospectus writer Rob Vollman was first published in the Fall 2001 issue of the Hockey Research Journal, and has since co-authored the five annual Hockey Prospectus guides, the 2014-15 McKeen's magazine, and authored two of his own Rob Vollman's Hockey Abstract books.
While modern advanced statistical hockey analysis stands on a mountain of complexity, Rob Vollman's work is best known for being expressed in clear, focused and applicable terms, and often presented in a humourous and entertaining way.  Whether you're arguing about the worst trades in history or which team improved most in the off-season, Vollman's objective approach will add clear, cold facts to the discussion in a style that is undeniably engaging --- and convincing!
“I wouldn't say I was a skeptic, but I was a guy [...] I'm still old-school; scouting and so on, but [Rob Vollman] convinced me over coffee, about an hour, hour and a half that we met, about why this has value, and why teams are going towards this, and I believe in it now.” - Kelly Hrudey, CBC Hockey Night in Canada
Vollman's most popular innovations include Player Usage Charts to see how players are being used, Quality Starts for goaltenders, Goals Versus Salary (GVS) to measure a player's cap value, his history-based projection systems, his new Passes statistics, and advances in the field of NHL Translations and League Equivalencies (NHLe) to understand how well players coming from other leagues will perform.

Rob Vollman's analysis can be found most commonly at Hockey Prospectus, Bleacher Report, and ESPN Insider, and he can heard as a radio guest on such shows as Hockey Night in Canada on SiriusXM, Nashville 102.5 The Game, Edmonton AM 1260's Lowetide at High Noon, and other stations in over a dozen NHL cities.
To appear as a guest on radio shows and podcasts, to assist NHL teams and mainstream media publications in understanding the complexities of statistical hockey analysis, and to answer fan questions, Rob Vollman can be reached by emailing vollman at hockeyabstract.com
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