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By Robert Vollman, ESPN Insider
November 18, 2014
When the Toronto Maple Leafs fell to 29th place in 2009-10, it meant that they had given up the second overall draft choice -- which the Boston Bruins would use on Tyler Seguin -- and another first-round choice to come the following season (which was used to select Dougie Hamilton at No. 9 overall) in exchange for Phil Kessel. Despite Kessels enormous success, the trade still leaves a bad taste in the mouths of some fans, and can make some general managers queasy about pulling off a similar deal.
By Robert Vollman, ESPN Insider
November 12, 2014
Demand for top-four defensemen is at an all-time high, drawing a lot of attention to Washingtons Mike Green. The 29-year-old puck-mover is a pending free agent with a tremendous offensive upside, being the eighth and final defenseman to score 30 goals in a season since Kevin Hatcher in 1992-93. Detroit and Minnesota are among about a half-dozen teams that should be interested in making an offer -- ideally one that includes at least one prospect, and some defensive help up front.
By Robert Vollman, ESPN Insider
November 5, 2014
The success of teams like the Los Angeles Kings and Chicago Blackhawks, combined with massive regression this season for the Colorado Avalanche, has gradually shifted the debate away from whether puck possession numbers are accurate and important, and toward what can actually be done to improve them.
By Robert Vollman
November 1, 2014
Slumps are inevitable for every athlete, and those that occur at the start of the season tend to cause the greatest reactions. Tuukka Rask, last years Vezina trophy winner, currently ranks 32nd out of 40 goalies with an .899 save percentage, while last years Calder trophy winner, Nathan MacKinnon, went into Thursdays romp over the Islanders with no goals and just four assists in ten games. There will never be a better time to acquire these blue chip superstars.
By Robert Vollman, ESPN Insider
October 30, 2014
Slow starts might be leading front offices in places like Carolina, Buffalo, and several cities throughout Canada to consider a coaching change -- but do not do it! A closer look at the historical numbers suggests that some of the most disappointing teams will correct themselves with a little more time, which can also be used to find out what is really going wrong with the others.
By Robert Vollman
October 25, 2014
Hockey analytics has started to hit the mainstream, paving the way for dozens of websites where you can find non-traditional statistics like Corsi, PDO, and player usage charts. Some of them are traditional sites that have added some so-called fancy stats for extra seasoning, others are focused more exclusively on these new advances, and some few are devoted entirely to one specific innovation. Today we will summarize where all these websites can be found, and what information they contain.

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By Robert Vollman, ESPN Insider
February 17, 2011
What can be learned from the NHL's vast history that can help reduce the chances of lopsided deals? Using GVT we can compare players of all types, and across all different eras, helping us find the five most lopsided deals of the post-expansion era. Find out in this record-setting ESPN Insider exclusive.
By Robert Vollman, Hockey Prospectus
January 9, 2013
A great use of statistical hockey analysis is to find underrated players, like Colorados Ryan OReilly. While a certain portion of his undeniable talent can obviously be picked up by simply watching him play, the full extent of his highly-disciplined defensive talent and possession-driving playmaking abilities can be more fully grasped when studying the underlying numbers.
By Robert Vollman, ESPN Insider
July 7, 2011
It's been a busy summer for many teams. The Philadelphia Flyers underwent a major overhaul, shipping off Jeff Carter and Mike Richards to make room for Ilya Bryzgalov and Jaromir Jagr. The Minnesota Wild and San Jose Sharks traded stars -- Martin Havlat for Dany Heatley -- and the New York Rangers won the Brad Richards sweepstakes. These teams all have one more thing in common: None of them made the biggest overall impact this summer.
By Robert Vollman
March 1, 2011
While discussing Dustin Byfugliens contract recently, a question from fat_daddyo came up about how to measure GVT (and by extension marginal wins) against salary/cap hit and see if a particular player is playing up to their contract. My initial response was to use GVS: Goals Versus Salary.
Robert Vollman, Hockey Prospectus 
May 17, 2010
What save percentage constituted a Quality Start this past season, who led the league in Quality Start Percentage, why Jaroslav Halak is one of the most improved netminders this year, how did Vesa Toskala perform even worse in 2009-10 than in the previous season, why Carey Price and Tim Thomas should feel upset about the offenses of the Canadiens and Bruins, and why Antti Niemi and Pekka Rinne should be thankful for the way the Blackhawks and Predators offenses played with them in net this season.
Robert Vollman, Hockey Prospectus 
October 21, 2011
To get a sense of how many points a player will score when moving from the AHL to the NHL, everyone has generally used the 0.45 rule of thumb. Multiply their AHL scoring by that magic number and you can get a fairly accurate picture of how they will do in the NHL. Lately, we have been taking a deeper look at AHL-to-NHL translations, and seeing if we can improve on this simplistic approach.