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Rob Vollman is long-time pioneer in the field of hockey analytics. His popular innovations have helped win Stanley Cups and Gold medals, and has been featured in the Hockey News, the Washington Post, the Globe and Mail, and the Rolling Stone and Forbes magazines.

A former member of the Professional Hockey Writers Association, Rob has co-authored all six Hockey Prospectus books, the last two McKeen's magazines, and five in his own Bill James-inspired Hockey Abstract series, including the highly popular Stat Shot, and the upcoming Fan's Guide to Hockey Analytics, both published by ECW Press.

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While you're here, explore the archive of Rob's work over the years, including:
  • Explore all of his online articles of about a thousand articles for, ESPN Insider, Hockey Prospectus, Bleacher Report, the Nations Network, Dobber Hockey, and elsewhere
  • Play with his Player Usage Charts
  • Listen to clips of his 400+ TV, radio, and podcast appearances for over 40 different shows, spanning 18 NHL cities, including Hockey Night in Canada radio, Sportsnet Hockey Central, TSN's That's Hockey, ESPN's Sportscenter and Hockey Today, CBC Radio, and Wharton Business Radio
  • Download complete spreadsheets with all the raw data used in his books, articles, and miscellaneous research.
  • Learn more about Rob, and read his latest thoughts.
You can also follow Rob on twitter @RobVollmanNHL, on Facebook, on Linkedin, on GoodReads, or you can email vollman at hockey abstract dot com.